The Funny Farms - Funny Shirts and What Have You

The Funny Farms sells crazy.  We design funny shirts that are inspired by the voices in our heads. Our designs are original and different, just like all of us here at The Farms.  Besides funny t-shirts, we also have plenty o' funny pictures and funny videos for your visual delight. 

Our Funny Shirts

All of our lives we've been told that we were "special", so we decided to make some special shirts to cover our special bodies.  Because of all the little pills they give us here, we have a constant flow of imagination to drink from. (The birds seem to like it too)  When the crayons aren't being snacked on, we're using 'em to draw new designs, so drop by and see us often.  If you are tired of being hassled in public places for not wearing a shirt, check out our funny t-shirts and get you something to cover up those nips.  Original Funny Farms Straitjackets coming soon. 

We could be crazy, but it's probably just in our heads.






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