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A cracker is a type of thin or flat baked good commonly made from unleavened grain flour dough and typically made in quantity in various hand-sized or smaller shapes. Flavorings or seasonings such as salt, herbs, seeds, or cheese may be added to the dough or sprinkled on top before baking. Crackers are a nutritious and ready to eat way to use a staple food or cereal grain that is advantageous for storage and travel. A precedent for the modern cracker can be found in nautical ship biscuits, military hardtack, and sacramental bread. Ancestors of the cracker can be found in ancient flat breads such as Lavash, Chapati, Pita, Matzo, and Flatbread or Crisp bread.

"Cracker", sometimes "white cracker", is a usually disparaging term for poor whites, mainly used in the Southern United States, but in recent decades in usage throughout North America.



* This design is also available on our LADIES T-Shirt!

Shirt Specs:

• 4.5 oz. SoftStyle

• 100% Ringspun Cotton


 These shirts are cut to be more fitted than standard t-shirts. 
Because they're 100% cotton, you can expect them to shrink a bit.
If in doubt, it might be best to order a larger size.