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There are many considerations that go into selecting a good rowboat.  A well designed rowboat will perform well in trying conditions. The classic shapes of rowboats reflect an evolution of hundreds of years old trial and error to get a good shape. Some factors that have to be considered are waterline length, speed, carrying capacity, stability, windage, weight, seaworthiness, cost, waterline beam, the fullness or fineness of the ends, trim and more.

It can be seen that the design of a good classic rowboat is a very ingenious and sophisticated solution to the task of keeping people alive on the sea. Men who spent all their working lives at sea needed boats that would bring them safely home, the classic boats that were derived from this task, be they rowboats or otherwise are the end result of hundreds of years of evolution to the optimum solution.



* This design is also available on our MENS T-Shirt!

Shirt Specs:

• 4.5 oz. SoftStyle

• 100% Ringspun Cotton


 These shirts are cut to be more fitted than standard t-shirts. 
Because they're 100% cotton, you can expect them to shrink a bit.
If in doubt, it might be best to order a larger size.